Personal Training near Visalia

Adam and Adrienne Hernandez

Hello everybody! We are Adam and Adrienne. We started Body Effect in 2011 with the goal of inspiring people to live their best life - a life rooted in health, happiness, and impact. We know not everyone aspires to be a fitness model, but simply want to incorporate healthier habits in their daily lives, making health and fitness a lifestyle and not a trend.

Between the two of us we have a Master's Degree in Sports and Health Science, and multiple certifications in personal training and nutrition coaching. We believe everyone's fitness journey is unique and understand challenges look different from person to person. We have struggled in our own fitness journey and continue to grow. Our growth allows us to better serve our members and give them the best possible experience we can in health and fitness.

When we're not in the gym we're either playing with our kids, visiting our parents, wine tasting, or a combination of all the above. With two young boys we have our hands full and we're thankful to have the energy to keep up with them!

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