Personal Training near Visalia

Tren Biswell

How's it going everyone!? My name is Tren Biswell and I am a Performance Coach at Body Effect.

My goal is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals while having the time of your life in the process! I know that starting this journey can be intimidating and it is a big change. That's why I love to offer a safe, fun loving space with music you can dance to and the occasional encouragement to flex after completing a good set.

I have been an athlete my whole life so being healthy and moving well have always been a priority for me, and I love to share that with everyone I meet. With that being said, like most athletes I've suffered injuries due to sports, and I know how it feels to come back after a long layoff. I specialize in functional body building and working with athletes - specifically soccer players (and we all know soccer is the best sport in the world!).

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, run faster, jump higher, or just move more efficiently, it's my passion to help you achieve those goals.

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