Take Your Training To The Next Level With Youth Sports Performance in Visalia

At Body Effect Fitness & Performance, we're all about building better athletes - and having a great time in the process. Our Youth Sports Performance program is the perfect way to take on athletic development and incredible speed with the help of professional instruction and targeted training.

No more couch potatoes or all day video gaming! In sports, SPEED will always be the number one asset!

Our Youth Sports Performance training here in Visalia covers everything from basic movements to athletic performance. Your child will learn correct exercise form, proper body mechanics and safe muscle building techniques while also working on their core stability, reaction time, speed and power.

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What's Included In Our Youth Sports Performance Training Program?

At Body Effect Fitness & Performance, our goal is to have athletes ahead of the game! Whether your child is involved in golf, tennis, running, football, basketball, soccer - you name it, we can help them get stronger, better faster and play longer!

Raise your child's game or take their team to the next level. Our sports performance training programs provide individualized training based on personal goals and sport-specific demands.

Our elite athlete training programs combine training, nutrition, and physical therapy to ensure optimal performance for the preseason, in-season, and off-season of any sport. All performance training services, regardless of the sport, combine training, physical therapy, and nutrition to ensure optimal performance when it counts the most.

Our methodology is designed with the athlete in mind.

Services may include:

  • Training assessments
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Physical therapy and cardiovascular evaluations

We design individualized plans based on the information gained from these assessments.

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At Body Effect Fitness & Performance, we're giving athletes of any age a leg up on the competition - and we can't wait for your child to be next. Our Youth Sports Performance Training here in Visalia is the perfect way to excel at any sport in no time.

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